Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

At Preen we source professional, high quality Remy human hair. All of which is of a high grade and cuticle correct to ensure smooth, tangle free locks. Available in various lengths, thicknesses and a wide range of colours to match your own hair colour for a gorgeous seamless blend.

Hair is available in Double Drawn for thick hair from root to tip or Natural Ratio which is gently tapered. Hair application methods are Micro Ring (I tip) & Nano Ring.

An initial consultation is required before the first hair application to decide on the perfect option for you & to confirm price based on your individual requirements. A non-refundable deposit of 50% will be required at time of booking.

Please note. Preen specialises in Hair Extensions and Beauty Therapy treatments only. Therefore, is unable to offer any natural hair cutting/restyling, colouring, washing or blow drying. However, your extensions will be trimmed, straightened or curled after fitting.


Prices given are based on length shown in brackets. Prices will vary slightly if shorter or longer hair is required.


 Double Drawn (22 Inches)

Half Head                             £275

Three quarter Head             £350

Full Head                              £425

Extra Thick                            £580

Additional strands £2.75 each

Natural Ratio Nano (18-20 Inches)

Half Head                             £245

Three Quarter Head             £295

Full Head                              £345

Additional strands £2.45 each

Hair Extension Maintenance

Maintenance is required approximately every 6-8 weeks due to natural hair regrowth. Extensions will be removed along with dead hair, and repositioned nearer the scalp using new beads.

Maintenance Prices:

 Half head                              £50

Three Quarter Head             £75

Full Head                              £90


Maintenance appointments are crucial and must be part of your aftercare routine. Without these appointments your hair extensions may not last as long, can tangle or mat, may slip and your own hair can be damaged. Aftercare advice should be followed strictly to ensure the longevity & health of the hair extensions. Your technician cannot be held responsible for the condition of the extensions or hair if advice and maintenance appointments are not adhered to. Please do not consider getting hair extensions if you do not think you will keep up your maintenance appointments.